There is only one way you can change the world

If you really want to change the world, forget about that be the world you want to see business. Forget about the we create our own reality or we create the world with our thoughts.

If you’ve been watching the world as it is you’ll have noticed it keeps heading in the direction the government administrators move it. Know that they are only administrators… the president of the U.S. is still the hired help. Nothing you do, nothing your groups do, is going to stop the owners from having their way.

There is only one way you can change the world: gather enough people together in one place to make a difference; choose one thing and collectively do it. A billion people can do one thing no matter what any admin or law men try to do to stop it.

Go to facebook and join this group and get two other people to join. When there are enough people we can pick one thing and do it. Doing this will change the dynamics of the world forever

The Ten Billion Group

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