Think Without Knowledge

Knowledge is a treasure for the technology of the mind, but knowledge cannot think existentially: knowledge is merely confined in the co-work between the intellectual mind and memories.

The very act of thinking (conditionally).. through knowledge (the known).. about what consciousness is.. can only produce no more than rhetorical and verbalized conjectures, or just easy, convenient labels & archetypical architectures of social thought as god, spirituality and the whole religious escapism…

The psyche who thinks existentially, with and through knowledge, is incapable of reaching the speed of thought required for a possible total understanding. The act of thinking through the known carries with it the mental weight necessary to elaborate, to decode and apply knowledge to, the possible. This is an immediately conditioned act of thinking

Thinking through knowledge, memories and ideas, is not thinking freely, fluently and perceptively: Thinking with no conditioning’s at all…

The observation of the whole industry of the mind without the filter of knowledge leads to the understanding of the wholeness of the psyche: it’s thinking without ideas.

Can We Think Without Ideas?
The mind thinks continuously, but can the mind thinks for a while without ideas.. especially when it comes to think about our feelings?

Can we think about happiness without the idea of happiness?
Can we think about love without its idea?
Can we think, be alone and communicate with our fear without the pre-packaged idea of fear?
Can we think, without, “The Weight Of Memory”?

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