Thinking about how we think

The fountain of ignorance

Thinking about how we think is really crucial ..

Most of people do not even spend a basic intellectual consideration about this possible inquiry.. being lost in spirals of problems or strange mental fluctuations..

and when it happens, when the mind wants to think about how such mind thinks.. it usually ends up in intellectualisms, pseudo-second-hand-philosophies, religious or moralistic answers or, nowadays, the pudding of motivational superficialities and the whole nonsense construct of the new age movement..

The rumination promoted by books like “the secret” suggests that whatever you project in terms of thoughts on reality, attract it.. then manifesting it into reality..

Well.. it seems that if one projects positive outcomes, then such believer should expect positive circumstances to come.. right?

Such an embarrassingly mediocre procedure of using the psyche obviously do not consider the fact in which even if some positive outcome takes place, if the mind of the “projector” has been projecting its desires starting such projection from a platform of confusion.. then even if the desires manifest themselves (not due to the “secret” or law of attraction whatsoever but rather because of perseverance, will or merely coincidental factors).. then the manifested positive outcome is not going to dissolve the confusion-based thinking from which the subject has initiated his or her own desires..

This leads to a consideration which is actually the real thing:

considering that the attitude of clinging to such absurdities such as the law of attraction, the “magic”, the idiotic anthropocentric belief that the universe is “listening & answering” to us (which is another way to say, modernly; “god”).. comes and grows exclusively from within a confused and frightened mind…

and considering that whatever the reality in which such mind will land will be.. that reality won’t give to such mind any understanding of how confusion psychologically works..

and considering that wherever there is never understood confusionism, in case of success in something in life, the confused mind develops inexorably a rising and aggressive sense of protectiveness in regard of its achieved status-quo.. which leads to antagonism, nervousness, anxiety due to the fear to lose such fake status made by what that mind thinks to be “consciousness” or “light-work” whatsoever, or “positivity” or “light and love” or who knows what else..

then the obvious conclusion of this analysis is that wherever the psyche wants this and that.. but it doesn’t want to think about its own industry of thinking.. Then such mind inevitably becomes a curse for itself, an exploiter of the world, a fountain of ignorance..

Indeed the fundamental ignorance is exactly in this formula and not really in the lack of knowledge:
1) One thinks
2) One has ideas which becomes ideals then beliefs..
3) One refuses or completely ignores a self-observation regarding how the psyche responds to ideals and beliefs..
4) One gets progressively conditioned..
5) Because of this conditioned state of mind, confusion takes over the whole brain..
6) Because of this confusion one put himself or herself in the path of searching for something..
7/a) He or she searches but goes nowhere: this results in even more confusion, therefore suffering..
7/b) He or she searches and finds something which seems to be compatible to what such mind calls success.. Then, being this mind confused, the successful status-quo gets mixed together with confusion .. the result of which is historically very well known: misery, pettiness, exploitation, killing, suppressing, manipulation, separation, injustices and so on..
8) In both cases the result remains confusion..
9) Confusion always leads to the sedimentation of beliefs..
10) A mind who ignores or even refuses a radical and complete vision inherent in the mechanism through which such brain functions .. is merely a fountain of ignorance.. regardless of its success or failure…

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