Thinking as words

Identities, thinking as an identity: muslim, spiritual, socialistic, Human… that’s a different animal… a first step stage of self examination.

We move along into observing… We notice ourselves, or, I notice…, “thinking in language, thinking accompanied by language… conversational thinking”

I’m thinking this is more of a habit… Like, “What I do when I’m not doing anything…” The me is rarely not in the process of verbal analysis of some idea, concept… something I saw, read… dissecting some conversation, having a conversation with itself, making up a conversation with some actual person who is not there at the time…

I know where and when I started doing this, when I began forming this habit of talking to myself, or thinking as conversation… It was okay then… It’s good for writing stories, or analysing things… But I suspect it’s. “In the way” of other aspects of thinking

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