This Just In, 99% of What We Learn Has No Value

Welcome To The Land Of The Lost

For a while now I’ve been using this particular blog as a kind of news and information tool. The goal has been to get the valuable stuff to as many people as possible. Working as I am on the “Hundredth Monkey” idea, which says, when enough people are conscious of something it will spread through the remaining human consciousness automatically.

In order to understand this phenomena we’d need to fully comprehend ‘Mind’. Not brain, Mind. Mind might be seen as universal intelligence. That would be a shared intelligence that stretches throughout the universe and encompasses all sentient life forms (at least). The best way to grasp the idea of universal intelligence is to come up with your own picture. Just make it up…..

If you find it impossible to conjure up a good image of mind you might want to consult with a youngster. People around 4 or 5 years old can be helpful in any task where unfettered imagination is needed. You could also try mushrooms or smoke some pot. It’s really not all that hard , besides an accurate mental rendering is not all that important. After all, who has one? Just getting started in the general direction will lead us to  some interesting desirable end.

The News

Every time I put something here from some news story I think – I wish I didn’t have to do that. I guess I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to, but, there is some value in a news story in that people can hopefully get fed up with what’s going on. That’s the only reason you’ll ever read a news story or report here. I figure that eventually people will get sick of the “Idiocracy” and look for an alternative.

Looking for some alternative is the first step in changing anything. Getting fed up, to the point where you just can’t take it, is needed for most people to do something different. It’s necessary to get fed up and somewhat desperate because the Children Of Power have devised a system that makes it damn near impossible to see the system – which makes it next to impossible to escape from it.

So every news story you see here is another example of “Stupid News”. Insignificant, impractical, illogical or the plain old lie to people news. Most of what we hear via the main stream pipeline is a lie. Doesn’t mean the people telling the lie know they’re lying. Doesn’t mean they don’t. Doesn’t really matter, one way or another, it’s still a bunch of lies.

We hear and read lies about disease, economics, UFO’s, Foreign governments, our own governments, the need for education, lies about homelessness, starvation, global warming, nuclear waste – “Energy” – It’s just one steady stream of disinformation. We live in the imaginary world created by the Children Of Power.

What’s Important

Well, what are you? You need to know what you are in order to contemplate what’s important. So, what are you?

There are lots of people who are willing to tell you what you are and what’s important, what you should do, what you should think, what you should be when you grow up. The first thing I suggest people do is answer this question for themselves – What are you?

My answer is I don’t know. What I do know is I am experiencing life as a human on earth. I am seeing and experiencing what I’m seeing and experiencing from the stand point of a human on earth. How about you? Is this what you’re doing? If so, what might be important?

If we come to the conclusion that we’re humans on earth wouldn’t we want to know all there is to know about humans? Wouldn’t we want to know everything there is to know about life, and earth? So how much do we really know about these things?

Recently I came up with what I thought would be the best first lesson for humans on earth. This is where I’d start the education process. Good morning class, you are humans on earth. Life, the earth, and everything on it is made of energy – you are a specific vibrational energy.

I remember school. There I was, didn’t know the first thing about what human beings were or what life was or what it was all made of. Instead of being taught that, I was taught to write. That’s all I can remember of my first days in school. A big pencil, brownish paper with lines on it, small letters, capital letters. Didn’t know why I was there. Didn’t know who, or what I was, or where I was or what I was doing…just, big pencils, paper and letters.

That’s pretty much the way the rest of the education job played out as well. Never a word about what a human was made of. If you don’t see the significance in knowing what something is made of it’s probably not by chance. If you want to know what something is capable of you need to know what it’s made of.

Carpenters, mill wrights, engineers all go through extensive education processes to learn the properties of the materials they’ll be working with. Without this knowledge we wouldn’t know what we could do with what we had. You wouldn’t begin to reach the potential possibilities of construction. Nothing much would get built. Nothing much would get done.

Why then would anyone not tell the new humans they were made of vibrational energy?

Creating A Race Of Field Hands

I can only think of two possible reasons for keeping a human ignorant as to their true nature. One – Nobody knows, or two, to control life on earth. Can you think of any other reason?

If you wanted to create a society full of field workers then our media and education systems would be perfect. When I say field workers I don’t mean just farm labor. I mean all fields of labor. Science, technology, chemistry, sociology, economics, industrial – everything.

More and more people are getting fed up with things everyday. They are crying out for change. One of the things all these people want is education for everyone. What if we taught every last person on earth every thing we have in our current education system? What would be different? What could be different?

People are saying we need a different type of government, a different monetary system, different laws and rules and so on. Humans, who know what they are would have no interest in any of those things. Why would they? As soon as people are truly educated as to the reality of life and human existence the world changes. This would happen automatically because truly educated people would have no fear of the system so the system would become insignificant.

People are concerned that the Children Of Power are attempting to destroy the sovereign nation and create a centralized one world power structure. But we might want to keep this in mind -Nations are a construct of the Children Of Power. Why would a human care about them? Only in a world of make believe do make believe borders and boundaries matter. In reality they don’t exist – they aren’t necessary to humans. None of the systems that are important in the world of the field hand is important to humans.

My plan today was to start this discussion. I guess I’ve done that and I’ll write about it more in the coming days….

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