Thoughts in motion

Whatever it is, whether suffering, guilt, shame, regret, insecurity and so on.. it is clear that as long as there is not understanding to these thoughts in motion.. or even when there is an unwillingness to inquire in them .. unwillingness camouflaged by rhetorical morals or ethical/cultural influences.. then the very destiny of these mind’s processes can only result into their perpetuation and amplification in time and memories..

Emotions such as sadness because of a loss are natural parts of the brain and mind.. but can emotions go together with logical thinking at the same exact time?

Because if this does not come into being, then what firstly is emotionality, secondarily it becomes a psychological ritual increasing itself over and over..

So guilt becomes more guilt, suffering becomes a psychological museum of pictures.. Shame becomes a heraldic symbol for one’s existence.. and an understanding self-analytical intelligence goes to the grave forever.. while the mind turns towards the territories of illusions or the ocean of apathy

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