Time To Get Real

I was on You Tube yesterday and came across a video of a person stating some facts about something important. I read a few of the comments and, as usual, saw an all to familiar pattern. No one, no I can’t say that, Lets say 75% weren’t listening to what was said.

One comment read, “Man, he sure has some weird eyes, lol”. Others were equally inane. This country is chalk full of people who don’t listen to words. There is this tendency for the population of the United States to listen to people. To watch people. But ignore words.

In every presidential election for the past few years I’ve listened to the two, media selected, candidates and thought – No. There has been one exception as far as words go and that was Obama. Someone came up with some great words and he did a great job of saying them. Did I want him to be president? No. Did I want McCain?

Here’s the problem: People listen to the people they like. People like movie stars although they don’t know them. People admire musicians, not as musicians, but as people, even though they don’t know them. People admire politicians, CEO’s, powerful people, rich people – people they don’t know anything about.

This goofy admiration syndrome has led to the devastation in health and welfare of people across the planet. The tendency for this sort of celebrity adoration in the US leads to the death of children here and in other countries. This destruction of people is the reason I say it’s time to get real. It’s time to grow up. Carl Jung said, “Some problems can’t be solved they have to be outgrown”.

Why would this fascination with the unreal be a big deal?

Why were millions of dollars spent to build a city in Canada for the Olympics? The answer is that people make tons of money off others people addiction to thoughts of fame and the adulation of “Famous” people. A million dead people in Iraq gets .05% of the TV time and people skiing gets 65%.

Why would people admire a politician? Why would they admire a politician more than a tile setter?

As a result of our not getting real, not being serious, not growing up and not listening to words we haven’t had a real federal election in this country in a long time. Judges can write constitutional law because we weren’t listening. Presidents can commit criminal acts because we weren’t paying attention. Most people in the US don’t know when a politician does something unconstitutional because they don’t know the constitution.

People don’t want to listen to people who do know the constitution. In fact people seem to get downright angry when they get the facts about things. Whether it be facts about themselves or facts about people they’ve chosen to admire.

If we keep cheering and liking and voting for people because we like them – there will be no changes for the better. If people in this country listened to words and watched current events with no bias we’d simply clean out our congressional, judicial, financial and corporate houses and start over. If you think this isn’t possible – you’ve been listening to people again.

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