To acknowledge reality

In a recent discussion someone was saying “to face the humanistic condition, one must acknowledge reality before jumping in with speculative conclusions”

If our world view is the starting point, and I see no way around it, and through conditioned mind set we “acknowledge reality” can we in fact acknowledge reality? Isn’t this where the subjective escapisms like “My reality” come from?

I’ve never met anyone who was not the product of conditioning, I’ve never met anyone who could see their conditioning: their self image and it’s resulting world view. Once the surety of conditioning is accepted we can if we’re willing see some of the effect of conditioned thinking, or maybe learn about the possible effects and watch for them in ourselves and others.

I say, as long as there is disagreement there is conditioning at work. Every consensus disagrees with some other consensus. I say, we can never be better than a consensus of self images. Every consensus has it’s ideas about reality

I think it best I steer clear of all of these ideas, touch what I touch and see what I see

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