To know our programmed minds and thinking

I was wondering what the percentage is of people who’ve lived or now live lives based on fictional stories.

In fact I wonder if there are any who don’t live lives based on fictional stories. As hard as I’ve tried to be rid of all the ideas I’ve assimilated over the years about people, starting with the origins of people stories, are they really gone? I doubt it, in fact I know they’re still floating around based on some of the things I catch myself thinking

I guess knowing that we’ve been programmed to believe things about the world and ourselves, things that simply can’t be known, things we must call imaginary, is as good as we can expect for a realistic starting point

At best we can know we got programmed. We can know we are programming minds, thinking programmed thoughts. Now what? I guess it’s better than not knowing. The people of the world today are bombarded with stories about the world and it’s people from religion, from science, from the institutional agendas, sent out through the media by people who themselves get the same daily programming and have had the same historic programming…

Historic programming: hundreds of thousands of years of made up, wished for, factual, reasonable, fictional, stories; all mixed together and delivered to the millions of minds that have inhabited this planet over the millennia.

Lets eliminate everything we don’t have first hand knowledge of from the category of our belief… is there anything left to believe? Is belief then rendered unnecessary? For me, there’s nothing I believe in, no hopes, no imaginary futures or endings

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