To rise above the brutalities

Psychological aloneness has nothing to do with physical isolation, which is, instead, what the monk or the meditator or the hermit does.. because what they do has been instigated by their personal or culturally pushed desire to escape from the setup of the society and collective construct where they come from, (which actually it is what shaped their isolation into nothing but a projection of such setup)..

There must not be such thing as the ideal of psychological aloneness, ’cause it’s not a practice, nor a discipline, nor a sort of psychological fasting, neither a philosophy of life promoted by a sect, demi-religiosity or cult whatsoever..

Psychological aloneness is a state of highly intelligent introspectiveness and self-observation which brings about a clear psychological orientation inherent in all movements of the psyche with no exclusion and no rooms for beliefs, dogmas, rhetorical confabulations, faiths, sectarian or elitist architectures of thinking whatsoever..

The conditioned thinking very often brings about a certain level of organized brutality: We can see it everywhere, historically, socially, individually..

Psychological aloneness is that act of elevated self observation aimed to rise above the cement of all mental brutalities, poverties, miseries, ignorance and forms of more or less sophisticated stupidity..

Whatever the concept of love and peace is within someone’s mind… and whatever “inward peace and love” are out of their conditioned and historically prostituted conceptualizations.. the very essence behind these concepts cannot possibly place its seeds within the mind which does not live in, through and by psychological aloneness..

The mind that has not inward solitude is a mind that clings to outward regimes of thinking, no matter if socially positive or not.. and considering that in the world what’s “positive” here, what’s “love” here.. is not “positive”, it’s not “love” there.. then the psyche that has no aloneness, no self-orientation.. is a psyche who lives at the mercy of the cultural trend, trend which always carries the germ of conflict, separation, encapsulation..
How can ever an encapsulated mind bring about love and peace ?

Psychological aloneness is therefore the anteroom of psychological freedom..

The virtue of non brutal intelligence can flower only where there is free space in the daily process of thinking..

It certainly can not possibly flourish where there is greed, where the mind is occupied by acquisitive desires.. even the ones aimed to gain and establish love and peace.. which is indeed that game we all have been playing for thousands of years.. (and where is peace now? Where is love now?)..

Only when the mind is alone, alone and deeply intelligent, observational, attentive..
then and only then men can possibly see a dawn of freedom rising from their collective horizon..
and the end of inward and outward stupidities, petrifications, pettiness, brutalities..

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