Toward the (non) observation of what is

Whatever our abstractive depression is, the depressed psyche should at least attempt to decrypt the psychological reality in which such mind is just reading, but not thinking..

Reading is indeed what we really do most of the time:
not thinking:
for example: when we observe a astonishing sunrise and we attach to such vision the idea that god gave us such a beautiful gift, or that it is so spiritual whatsoever, and then we may celebrate it by assuming a yoga/worshipping/meditative position and similar stuff..
in this condition we are not thinking: we are reading..
not “reading” just like according with the usual assumption of reading (reading a book).. but rather “reading” as a the response of our conditioned mental software toward the (non) observation of what it is..

One wonders if this activity of reading-not-thinking can possibly be detected and shockingly understood.. while watching the so called “spiritual followers” (for example) in the act of reading-not-thinking the bombastic nonsenses preached by their “spiritual mentors” …captured in so many “you made my day”, or “it’s so inspiring” and so on…

Things such as:
“each one of us is exactly where he or she is supposed to be” (including the girls who have been raped just few second ago right?)
or : “each path is valid” (including the Mao Tse Tung’s path, the Tīmūr Barlas’s path or the Ceausescu’s path obviously)..
“infinite love” and similar idiotic nonsenses…

And even during abstract depression, or loneliness, or unmotivated sadness.. the person is usually reading, but not thinking..
..reading his or her so many yesterdays.. then applying them along the actual today..

Can the mind read and think simultaneously?

Because if thinking is postponed to the act of reading.. then that’s not really thinking at all: it’s a contaminated thinking; a projection of the conditioned known.. which is what the many call “consciousness”.

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