Track google bot using seo crawlytics

Okay, back to testing some plugins.

One thing I’m always curious about is where and how google is crawling. Is the site being crawled the way I’d like it crawled? Are bots sticking their noses where they shouldn’t? Can they crawl anything?

Today I was looking for a plugin that fit this description and saw SEO Crawlytics. I’ll try it and see what it shows.

Tried and…

Can’t tell you anything cause I wasn’t sure it was ever working. This could be because it produces reports weekly (?). Anyway I removed it before I considered that possibility.

I did remember another Stats Program I’d used a long time ago and always liked. Paste “Official StatCounter Plugin” into add new plugin box.

I know it works and has nice reports… not sure if it’ll slow things down, it’s just a small JS snippet like google analytics

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