Trouble with web hosting

I was looking at an article the other day about how many web hosts are being bought up by a company called Endurance International Group (EIG). I ran across the article tracking down IP’s that wind up in a bot trap I set up. Too often these IPs lead back to some web host for one reason or another but if they’re in the trap they’re misbehaving.

I read an article about this particular outfit and could see how many web hosts have been taken over by this company. I actually had a domain on a web host that they bought a few years ago and it wasn’t long after that I had to move the domain to my current, long time now, web server of choice, Tiger Technologies.

If you’re a unlucky enough to be a victim of this company, or if you’re simply tired of whatever crap you have to put up with where you have a website now, just switch. Call Tiger Technologies and they’ll walk you through every step and do most of it for you (no charge). I can vouch for these people and assure you, as long as you’re sane, you’ll have no web host troubles.

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