True Evil and the Dark Nymph

I’ve spent more than a decade serving the Nymph and as we’ve grown older we’ve come to talk about what we might eat to feel better and die… not sick

We’ve come to the conclusion that certain sugars are not good for us… and other things would be included in our diet to feel and function better

Last week she was called to preside over some gathering. While she was gone I went to the market, which is not something I usually do or enjoy. Later I realized that I’d forgotten to get butter. I’m a butterholic so this was definitely not good

I did have a couple of jars of coconut oil in the fridge and decided to see what it was like on toast… turns out it was about as good as butter and certainly better for the body… you could even call that type of oil medicinal. I really like finding ways to get good foods into my body without suffering so this was a great discovery.

When the Nymph appeared I was telling her about my find and how cool it was… She said she agreed and vanished into her chambers… Later she announced she would be going to do some shopping and I returned to my duties…

She showed up… after a spell… With two pounds of butter and a large bag of Reeses Peanut Butter “Bites”

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