The meaning of “unity” is actually the ultimate extreme messed up anthropocentric speculation of “god”..

We have been striving for millennia with this mere meaning-nothing-but-meaning which has always resulted in absolute organized divisions of all kind..

There is not such thing as “unity” in the cosmos (which actually means: “order”).. There is no unity between Antares & Rigel,
nor between positrons and photons..

Indeed in the conceptualization of unity there is no longer individuality.. and with no longer individuality there is no longer growing, evolutionary intelligence.. He or she who strives for unity actually generates separation ’cause the very meaning of unity is conditioned by its very nature.. and actually it’s conditioning itself..

The nature of the mind is individual.. just like the one of a planetary system… and such individuality is supposed to be the gem of self-intelligence in constant evolution .. Unity, as a meaning and as a possible consequential practical attempts to establish it , destroys freedom and originates separativeness (just like history suggests)..

Problem is that the many mistake togetherness with unity .. ’cause togetherness can only come into being among healthy, clear, evolutionary individual minds who think outside of all meanings/speculations.. building up the civilization men never had..

Before freaking out.. one should inquire in the very contents of this contents.. a little bit less through personal beliefs.. and a little bit more historically.. intelligently..

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