Values… Right and Wrong… Good or Bad

By trying to think absolutely out of the carousel of “what’s right and what’s wrong”.. we maybe can come to the following realization :

When values intercept the whole mind then one must realize that:
1) There is the object of the value (example: “my daugther as a person”, or “my god as a cultural and psychological speculation”)..

2) There is the value in itself (example: “my daughter as a daugther”, or “my god as my god”)..

3) There is the attitude toward the value which is defined by the way through which the value intercepts my brain and the consequential psychological and cognitive relationship I nourish with such value..

4) There is the factuality in which my value, real or not real, speculation or healthy interest, has that dramatic quality to penetrate our psychology and make us function in the name and through dynamic of such value.. therefore, at this point, there is no longer thinking: just the value thinking for us..

5) The points 1, 2, 3 & 4 are all separated and different phenomena:the object of the value, the value in itself, the attitude toward the value and the cannibalizing qualities the value has toward the mind when there is not intelligent observation of the ways through which it moves within the psyche!

6) If the mind can become absolutely willing to separate everything else and to remain alone, psychologically alone with the movements the value creates in the brain..

Then: if the value is productive, natural and bringer of intelligent and healthy outcomes; the value remains there..

While if the value is merely a nonsense, a speculative cannibal, a thing made up and put together by conditioned thoughts and various forms of illusory thinking.. then it simply disappears.. because if the brain observes and fully comprehends such movement.. such cannibalizing process and dynamic of thinking.. then the movement comes to an end..

The value still there.. or it disappears automatically..
but there is no more movement of sedimentary and manipulative illusions in the brain..

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