Victims going beyond coping

We’re all victims of something…

Some are victims of truly awful things. Some are victims of a confused society… most fall into this category.

Most don’t enjoy beings victims and seek to be free… Some accept their fate… accept that there are some things they have no control over. Some respond to their situations by enacting change. We’ve all changed our own circumstances to some extent. Some end up better off, some not.

How many are victims to memory? The events of the past won’t leave them alone… Or we can’t seem to leave the memory alone.

Aren’t we all, to some degree, ruled by our past? We adjust what we do, what we think, what we hope for… We gaurd against the bad things happening again. We build up walls to keep the past from repeating itself… We fear the events might come again. We even seek to not remember… but it’s there…

In a way we all live our lives as victims of the past… victims to memories. We’ve learned our lessons, living has taught us what we are to do. The past has taught us to defend ourselves against the bad things… to build an existence fashioned as protection. But how can we protect ourselves from our own memories? How to raise a defense against our own thoughts of past events?

Is there a mind free of the past?

Some will say, “But I treasure my memories… I love to recall the good times and good people… the beautiful places…”… and that’s fine for some, but what about the victims of child abuse? What about the victims of sadistic societies? What about the victims of common teachings that left them frightened or confused? Is there a way out for these victims?

Enter the methodologies: The psychologist, the analysis, the shadow work, the new age raising vibrations… the god. We’ve come up with numerous ways to cope… We use drugs, we use sex, we use the aquisition of things. But this just makes for coping victims. The victims are still victims… Is there no way to freedom?

Is there a way that the mind can free itself from memory… specifically bad memories. The victims, who were victims of their attackers, become victims of the memory. Victims of the scarring, the trauma, of the event… The victims are changed: Their thinking, their feelings, their natural behavior and characteristics have all been altered. They are not the same as they were before the trauma. Is there anything beyond coping?

We know we can’t erase a memory. We can’t delete the past. The severely traumatised mind has the ability to bury a memory… but the person is still a victim of the buried memory… and this is likely worse than knowing, worse than remembering. Because when the memory is suppressed there is nothing aparent to deal with.

Is there a way to freedom from living as a victim to the trauma of the past?

If there is not a way out… if there is no way to be free of the pain of remembering, no way to move from victim to freedom… then Mind is, We are…

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