Video And Media For Living In The 21st Century

To survive in the 21st century the world population will need to understand the powers that be. The would be rulers of the world are not without a plan. They are not without the means to put those plans into action. Unless people know the plan, know and understand the mission of the 21st century power structure, they are defenseless.

No one need be defenseless. Everyone, at least in developed nations with an extensive on-line community can find out all they need to know about everything. It takes some time and effort but to remain ignorant has now come down to a choice.

Many of the best videos I’ve seen you can watch here, The rest I’ve linked at Amazon. You can copy and paste the titles into the browser and see what comes up.

Video Playlist

Tradgedy And Hope (YT)

Inside Job Starring Matt Damon (2011)

Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs: Successful Withdrawal from Neuroleptics, Antidepressants, Lithium, Carbamazepine and Tranquillizers by Peter Lehmann

Rockefeller Medicine Men: Medicine and Capitalism in America by E. Richard Brown

The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life by Robert Becker, M.D., and Gary Selden

The New Holistic Health Handbook: Living Well in a New Age by Berkeley Holistic Health Center and Shepherd Bliss

Bodymind by Ken Dychtwald

The Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine: How to Remedy and Prevent Disease with Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals and Other Nutrients by Daniel B. Mowrey, Ph.D.

Fluoride the Aging Factor: How to Recognize and Avoid the Devastating Effects of Fluoride by Dr. John Yiamouyiannis

Imponderables The Solution to the Mysteries of Everyday Life by David Feldman

Dangers of compulsory immunizations: How to avoid them legally by Tom Finn

Secrets of the Chinese Herbalists by Richard Lucas

Nutrition and Mental Illness: An Orthomolecular Approach to Balancing Body Chemistry by Carl C. Pfeiffer

The Timetables of Science: A Chronology of the Most Important People and Events in the History of Science by Alexander Hellemans and Brian Bunch

The Food Pharmacy: Dramatic New Evidence That Food Is Your Best Medicine by Jean Carper

Diseasing of America: Addiction Treatment Out of Controlby Stanton Peele

Quantum Psychology: How Brain Software Programs You and Your World by Robert Anton Wilson

Mindfulness by Ellen J. Langer

The Doctor’s Vitamin and Mineral Encyclopedia by Sheldon Saul Hendler

Aspartame (Nutrasweet) – Is It Safe? by H.J. Roberts, M.D.

Empty Harvest by Dr Bernard Jenson and Mark Anderson

Biomarkers by William Evans, Ph.D., and Irwin H. Rosenberg, M.D., with Jacqueline Thompson

Safe Food: Eating Wisely In A Risky World by Michael F. Jacobson, Ph.D., Lisa Y. Lefferts and Anne Witte Garland

The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

Cancer Therapy: The Independent Consumer’s Guide To Non-Toxic Treatment & Prevention by Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D.

The Future of the Body: Explorations Into the Further Evolution Of Human Nature by Michael Murphy

Quantum Consciousness: The Guide to Experiencing Quantum Psychology by Stephen Wolinsky and Kristi L. Kennen

The FDA Follies by Herbert Burkholz

Ancient Inventions by Peter James, Nick Thorpe

Spirulina: Nature’s superfood by Kelly J Moorhead

Toxic Sludge is Good For You: Lies, Damn Lies and the Public Relations Industry by John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton

A New Science of Life by Rupert Sheldrake

Living Downstream by Sandra Steingraber

Curcuminoids: Antioxidant Phytonutrients by Muhammed Majeed, Ph.D. Vladimir Badmaev, M.D., Ph.D. Uma Shivakumar, Ph.D. R. Rajendran, M.S.

Prescription Medicines, Side Effects and Natural Alternatives by American Medical Publishing

Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock

Alternative Science: Challenging the Myths of the Scientific Establishment by Richard Milton

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas S. Kuhn

The Great Book of Hemp: The Complete Guide to the Environmental, Commercial, and Medicinal Uses of the World’s Most Extraordinary Plant by Rowan Robinson

Energy from the Vacuum, Concepts and Principles – By, Tom Bearden

Jeane Manning’s Break Through Power

Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity – by Peter Lindemann

Real Rain Making, by Trevor James Constable

Living Energies by Callum Coats

Aether Science by Dr. Robert Adams (and others) Physics Without Einstein by Dr. Harold Aspden

Secrets of Cold War Technology by Gerry Vassilatos

The Coming Energy Revolution by Jeane Manning

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