Violence in 10 points

1) Memory, when not wholly observed permeates the mind.
2) When not completely observed, memory generates values.
3) Values require consensus, collective validation, therefore when they have it they turn into belief systems.
4) Being memory not intelligent, as like a folder, file in your computer is not intelligent in itself
5) …and being that memories are the factories of values,
6) …and being that values are the industries of belief systems,
7) …then we must assume that no belief system will ever bring about evolutionary intelligence, nor psychological revolution…
8) According with the existential sylloging above: everything which grew up from memory, which then became value, then belief… cannot be intelligent…
9) Violence comes from absence of intelligence.
10) A long a mind thinks through memories, values and belief, including “goodness”, “morality”, “common sense”, “humanity”, “compassion”, “respect”, “tolerance” and so on, such a mind will be everlasting violent… inwardly and outwardly… forever and ever.

Can the mind think outside of its memories?

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