Vitamin Boost Your OJ

The bodies ph balance is real important. We read that in almost all cases where disease is present the body is in an acid state. So why would we want to take vitamin C when we’re sick? Because all citrus turns to base in the body.

I buy that simply orange brand juice. I like the Orange/Pineapple & the Orange/Mango and I try to get the one with the pulp in it. As soon as I open the jug I add a couple of packets of “Trace Minerals LiquiMins™ Electrolyte Stamina Power Pak”.

I also add some Aloe Vera Juice product to it. Mainly I do it when I open the bottle because if I don’t – I forget. Anyway this is a good way to boost your vitamin C intake and also when we add vitamin C to Orange Juice we know that all the necessary ingredients for fully processing and metabolizing our Vitamin C will be there for us.

That’s some serious vitamin juice


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