War Declared Illegal

War has been declared Illegal by world vote Aug. 30, 2012. As you well know by now, not long ago somebody in Portugal started a social media group called 9 things. The group members were asked to pick 9 things they’d like to see happen in the world if there could only be 9 things written into a Global Constitution. Top on the list of 9 things was that war would be illegal.

What the group admin didn’t foresee was the number of people who wanted a say in how the world ran. Writing a Global Constitution turned out to be just what the people ordered. In fact they called their document The Constitution of the You World Order. It turns out that everybody wanted a voice and membership has grown to 99.6% of the world population.

The 9 things group has grown so large that it dwarfs all other groups or organizations on the planet. Quickly surpassing the United Nations then Facebbok, Spacebook and soon becoming larger than any Nation. Within a few months 9 Group membership rose to out number that of all the Earth’s Nations, then all religions and finally so large that there is hardly anyone who is not a member.

Today with some 7 Billion voices declaring war illegal there was little the few on the outside could do. It seems the Earth people have finally put their collective foot down.

Thank You 9 Things Group for your vision and thanks 9 Group members for the end of war. Can’t wait to see what gets decided next


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