Wars Will Continue As Long As Possible

The absolute power of a Fascist State passing itself off as a democracy is answerable to no one and will not stop until it’s forced to stop. When Corporations, governments and their military are inseparable and indistinguishable thats fascism. We in the US live under a Fascist regime. It’s inarguable, that’s why no one in corporate media ever brings it up.

There are most likely corporations attempting to be decent and practice some ethics but the corporate system is corrupt by it’s very nature. Made so by corrupt corporations and their government employees. So there is no chance to bring about an end to the fascist state without the forces of profit brought to bear.

Citizens must stop cooperating with the fascist state. They must not fight the state’s wars. They must not take, and vote for, state handouts. They must not fund the state by paying interest on the “States” debt. They must never vote for anyone with previous ties to corporations, the military or the government.

Until the tap is turned off, by the citizens, the for profit wars will continue. You in the US and the occupied countries will continue to suffer and die.There must be no mistake that all wars are for profit wars. One side stands to gain monetarily – period. The US Government and it’s appointed officials will make war as long as they possibly can and thats just a fact that citizens must face.

The terrorist threat only threatens the State’s agenda. If that agenda is fascist imperialism there will be resistance. Resistance sometimes results in violence but there first has to be a threat to resist. Fascist imperialism is always a bona-fide threat to everyone – at home and abroad.

The US Imperialists label all resistance – at home and abroad – as terrorism. While there are enough people who they can scare they will continue to wage war on anyone who gets in their way – anyone.

Next Stop is Pakistan
By Wayne Madsen
Next Stop is Pakistan – globalresearch.ca

It does appear that for some Pentagon brass, including Defense Secretary Leon Panetta; the CIA under former U.S. Central Command and Afghanistan commander General David Petraeus; and top Republican and Democratic politicians that, indeed, Pakistanis next on the target list of nations that will soon be feeling the military muscle of the United States. Unlike other Muslim nations that have been subjected to U.S. military intervention, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, and Libya, Pakistan’s ultimate prize for the West is its nuclear weapons arsenal…