Watching The Ancient World

Archived Observation, Author unknown…

Who built the Ancient Monoliths… How did they drill, or make, those perfect holes and seams in the stone?

The Materials that the Ancient Egyptians worked flawlessly ( Granite, Shiste, Diorite, ) and the precision that other materials were worked leave much doubt about what we know today about these civilizations.

Many of the stone blocks used in these ancient structures exceed in precision and magnitude the work of modern abilities in many cases. What we can’t do with modern power tools they were supposed to have done with primitive stone, wood and copper tools.

Some of those stone blocks in the Great Pyramid weigh in at 200 tons. That is nearly a quarter of a billion pounds and they were hoisted more than 150 feet in the air and set into place with great precision.

Some of the blocks in the Osirion weigh almost 2 and a half times that much. There is evidence that jeweled core drills were used to cut holes in Granite which is one of the hardest stones that there is. We do this today but the markings on the ancient granite prove that there tools cut through these impenetrable materials at a rate many times faster than anything we have today.

The Mica sheeting used in the Mayan Pyramids was shipped from more than 2000 miles away, from what is now Brazil. Across dense rain forest for 2000 miles these 30 foot by 90 foot sheets of Mica were moved by people said to have had no technology, no power tools and no vehicles.

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