Watching The World Of The Insane

Year after year here at watching the world I’ve made an effort to say, “Hey, look at this …”. I figured showing the insane behavior from around the world should trigger a positive effect on the whole of the human psyche. I don’t mean this little website alone should have caused that effect. But there are many thousands of people doing the same thing. Hundreds of thousands of voices showing pictures of insane people doing insane things should have some effect on the whole … unless … the majority of the people on the planet are just as insane. I believe this to be the case. I’m convinced we suffer from global insanity

If we consider some questions we might see the insanity behind our behavior as a species. The  questions might be:

  • Why would people kill other people?
  • Why would people be mean to other people?
  • Why would people hate other people?
  • Why would people feel better than, or less than, other people?

Know the answer? From what I’ve learned so far the answer to all questions like these is: The feeling of separateness. This feeling of being separate from “anything” is not real, and not a result of sane thinking. Sane thought come from a sane mind so if any “they” feel separate from any “them” then “they” are insane.

What exactly might people feel they are separate from that would result in them acting insanely? Or cause them to go insane? What is insanity anyway? Instead of trying to define insanity lets just look at some behaviors that most “sane” people might consider insane.

Insane behaviors could be:

  • Not being able to tell reality from hallucinations – as in real schizophrenia?
  • Serial killers?
  • Child molesters?

Relative insane behavior. Behaviors that might be considered insane in relation to a society or group:

  • An inability to act in ways that added to or helped to maintain family or community cohesion?
  • How about unnecessary theft or violence to other members of family or community? An example being: One has enough food but steals food anyway. Kind of crazy? Insane?
  • Sociopaths: Uncaring, disconnected behavior toward family or community. Sees others as objects. Lacks emotional attachments.

I guess this list would be a fair reflection of insanity for all. Yes? No?

If you said yes then you can see that “enough” people are insane “enough” that mass insane behavior is what’s taking place today on a global scale.

The schizophrenic idea of separation is present in almost everyone I’ve ever met. Probably 90% of the people I’ve met felt better than or less than someone else. Why? How could this be? Look at the concept of separateness.

What are we feeling separate from?

  • The source of all life? Life itself? Nature? The Earth? All living things?
  • Other people? Other cultures? Other races? Social classes?

I’ve left something out here because I don’t know if we were created. I don’t know if there was a creator and we are it’s creation. If there is I’ve lost my “conscious” connection to some degree. Recently I’ve made a decision to act as if there were a creator. But I can’t speak on it one way or another right now.

Regardless, what about all the other separate from, disconnected from, ideas we have?

Here is something you may find interesting in this world of the separated from, disconnected, psyche. The, ultra unified, power structure of global rulers is working toward globalization. All nations, cultures, governing bodies, health, education and so on will be brought together in the new global society. This will happen if no catastrophic social event occurs. Now this is being brought about by people who claim to favor democracy – opposed to systems such as socialism and communism. At least that’s the message being sent to western democratic type societies.

How is it that all the voices that count talk about unity when all their behavior says disconnected and separated from? The only way that this move towards global domination can possibly come about is for the ones envisioning it, and the majority of the nations of consequence, to “not care” about other people at all. A requirement for any greater good governing philosophy is to not care about “The Others”. There are always the others who, in order for some to win, have to lose. Who cares? They aren’t us.

But they are. That’s our collective insanity. All those they out there – are you. It’s only the insane that don’t see this. The elite bankers who rule the world say, “They aren’t important”. But that means, in the sane mind, we aren’t important. With no sense of separateness I can’t hurt you without hurting myself. I can’t hate you without hating myself. So when governments destroy liberty – who’s liberty are the destroying? You see how, if separateness is not reality, how insane we are?

Are you insane? Do you feel less than someone? Ever felt separate from nature, from earth, from animals, people, life – God or a creator? If you answered yes to any of these then you’re thinking, and therefore you’re behavior, is insane. It has to be because the idea of separate from is insanity.

Where does this lead us in looking at insanity? What then, if we are not separate, are insane ideas? Is it insane to:

  • Decide for others
  • Tax others
  • Go to war with others
  • Dislike others
  • Wish harm on others
  • Financially dominate others
  • Envy others
  • Worship others

I read something years ago that stuck with me. I read that when babies are born they have no idea of “Self”. They don’t have the sense of separate from – anything. All separateness is learning behavior. All kids think sharing is fun. Who teaches them to be selfish? Where do they learn “Mine”. If you look you’ll see this “Change” is the beginning of bad times.

How many people connect the learned “mine” with insane behavior? Why is “mine” important? To anyone? How is have and have not acceptable – to anyone?

What sane person can choose between the people of Palestine and the people of Israel? Who, in their right mind, can say I wish good for them and not for them? How about choosing between people of different religions? What sane person would wish the best for one and not really care about the other? How about nations of people? Would it be sane to think a Londoner more important than an Ethiopian, how about an Iranian? You see how most of the people in government must be insane?

Mean is insane. Selfish is insane. Dishonesty is insanity. It’s not just weird, it’s not better behavior or worse behavior – If you think you can take something from others, have something others don’t, without hurting yourself – that’s insane. It’s insane because the idea of separation is insane. No person is separated from another person. We are all part of one thing. We can’t not affect ourselves with our thoughts and actions concerning others. It’s impossible.

Why would anyone want an autograph? All fans are insane. Why would anyone put any person on some sort of ideological pedestal? Hero worship is insane. It’s not just different. It’s completely insane – but insane people don’t see that.

Consider this: Every politician who makes decisions that hurts people hurt themselves. Everyday they make decisions that destroy their own chances for happiness. Likewise all people with power over others that choose to hurt those others, in any way, are hurting themselves. Bankers rob themselves, riot police hurt themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. People who work for food monopolies poison and starve themselves. Oil company employees destroy their own homes.

As a most basic demonstration – every person who dumps poisons down their drain poison themselves. Using drain cleaner is insane. Using pesticides on your Roses is insane. The loss of connection to the world has resulted in mass insanity. Nuclear energy is a result of global insanity. Everyday millions upon millions of people do things to bring misery and death – on themselves, there communities, there countries and there families – and never even think about it.

“I want my kids to go to college”. Why? To insure they learn to act as insanely as you? Why keep it going? Why make suffering a certainty?

The first step to regaining ones sanity is admitting one is insane. In my life I had to make a life and death decision. I had to stop using drugs and alcohol – or die. What I was asked to do right away was recognize that I was insane. I thought, Insane ? A little strange for sure, thoughtless or uncaring okay, but insane? I don’t know about all that. Then I was shown that my behavior was more than “Different”. I was voluntarily doing something that everyday caused me suffering and could only lead to an unnatural death after a wasted life. Okay, okay …

The fact I had to accept was: Only insanity results in insane behavior. So I don’t have the same problem with insanity most people would. To me, it’s not hard to see how people can be insane and walk around appearing, for the most part, okay. Most of the time I appeared to be okay. Okay, maybe not, but not many would classify me as insane. Immoral and dishonest yes – But that’s not generally classified as insane. How could it be and still function as a nation?

My point is, seeing that we are insane, or might be insane, isn’t the end of the world – It may be the only chance for a real beginning. Any change must start with a willingness to do what is necessary to facilitate a change.

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