Watching The World Change

Watching the world is here in search of the hundredth monkey. In search of the tipping point.

There is no question the world is undergoing drastic changes. What can we do to control the changes instead of sitting idly by and watching?

When a percentage of the population knows the facts about the world they live in the world changes in accordance to this awareness.

What would happen if 60% of the people living in the U.S. believed their government was just a business looking after it’s own interests?

What would happen if 73% of the people wanted to be in charge of the country’s money? What if they wanted out of a monetary system altogether?

What if 65% of the population wanted to change the drug laws? What if 57% of the people wanted to replace the production of Cotton with the production of Hemp?

What if 90% of the population wanted to replace petroleum fuels with alcohol?

What would happen if 71% of the people in the U.S. decided monopolies and government favouritism toward certain industries was a bad idea?

What if 95% of the population understood the purpose of creating a Constitutional Republic?

What if people demanded real journalistic integrity and refused to watch anything else?

What if 67% of the people living here got fed up with industrial consumerism and products made to break, wear out, become obsolete and be replaced?

What if a majority of this nations people grew disenchanted with Religious stories?

What if a majority of this nations people became fed up with war?

What would change if 89% of the population were convinced they were being lied to – by all the government agency mouth pieces?

What if a majority of people got fed up with the nations courts?

What would happen if 90% of the people living in the U.S. just get tired of being told what they could say, think, eat and use as medicine?

What would happen if everybody in this country knew everything that was going on and why?

The answer to all these questions is “Things would change”.

Information, facts, awareness are essential to educated choices. In order for any real change for the better to take place we must educate ourselves. We must gather up facts and build libraries of genuine knowledge. Only then will we be able to understand what needs be done.

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