Watching The World Through Our Identities

All of us watch the world. We all watch the same world. We all see Mountains, the sky, grass, trees, the animals, each other. But we all see this world differently – Why?

Ever wonder why some people are so adament about what needs to be done to make the world a better place when you think they’re wasting time on something that really doesn’t matter? Here are some areas, issues, where people are living there lives in different worlds.

  • Nuclear Energy
  • Monetary Systems
  • Religions

Some see Nuclear Energy as the answer to our energy needs while others see it as the death of the planet.
Some see Monetary Systems as essential while others see them as completely unecessary.
Some see Religions as a recognition of reality while others see them as delusional.

People live in different worlds. We’re here on the same planet. But what we see, think and feel is not the same at all. Why?

What is an Identity? Who are you? If we ask ourselves this question how would we answer?

Some answers come readily: I am a Mother, a religious person, I am a Carpenter, a student. “Right now I’m just a student but someday I hope to use my education to help stop child abuse… I also want a family, a home in the country, to eat vegan, to discover a new energy source and learn all I can about the Big Bang.”

Why do some people think they need to go to college when others wouldn’t go if you paid them? Why are there Nations? Why do we have governments, stop lights, laws…? Why is getting into the feild of science hard? Why are people sad when others are having a blast?

Subtle: difficult to percieve or understand

Some of our Subtler Identities: Jealous, Envious, Threatened, Powerless… What world might we percieve through their eyes?

If your “Who” feels powerless wouldn’t religion be attractive? If your “Who” feels jealousy, or envy, would it seek the personal authority gained through education, maybe get some letters – PHD, “Master(s)”? If your “Who” feels threatened would it not want laws and rules set in place to give it a sense of protection? Wouldn’t Envy want to be a Star?

These “Who’s” live in different worlds. They can cooperate with each other if it serves their own need but they don’t see anything, any issue, any planet, any person in the same way.

We have a planet full of people who work night and day to pull each others plans apart… How can this end up any place but more conflict. We have and have always had endless conflict. Endless war, jealousy becoming hate and abuse at every level, people taking other people food and land… Monetary conflict, religious conflict, inner conflict… Never ending, with no end in sight.

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