Watching the world without teachers

I can’t think of any more worthwhile practice than examining every thought and feeling that arises. I believe this is the beginning of the end of our personal confusion and invented fears

At the same time I believe this can lead to realizations about societies institutions, where they come from and how they influence people

One thing I think we can all agree on is that people are readily programmable. For a while now I’ve been watching a 4 year old being programmed by parents, schools and media… all of which are playing out their own programmed behavior

People teach people what they were taught

All have a slightly different reaction to the teaching… But usually this reaction comes after some programmming, along with the inherent conflict and confusion, has already taken root

Would we, who are interrested in thinking privately, apart from the influence of other minds, not want to dismantle the mechanism, the institutions, used to program the masses?

Wouldn’t we want to learn, through our own hands on experience, all about the world in which we find ourselves? Would we want to trust the institution to tell us about the world?

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