We are all one, but who cares

As far as we can see with the instruments we have… down into the microscopic world, so far, we find what we call energy… We say, “All things are just different forms of this energy… Since this is inside, at the bottom of, all things…”

Then we say, “Everything is one…”

I’m still trying to come up with why so many people think that this, We are all one, is significant to people and the troubles they have…

We have trouble with our brains, we get traumatized, we can be easily programmed, readily influenced, we jump from one belief system to another… We are depressed, we are paranoid, we fight in groups of three and cities of 3,000 and 300,000… As much as the majority wishes, hopes and prays we will, we can’t seem to get along.

We overthrow the tyrant and replace the old tyrannical system with another… We elect psychopaths into the offices of influence… We create messes and seek to escape those messes through stories about saviors, drugs any distraction imaginable. We are one and we suffer as one…

I guess, We are one, is another meaningless distraction… since people have been saying things like this for eons in different ways: We are the family of god, we are one with the universe and so on… I think all this we are one shit might actually be a setback for earth people

If we are all the stuff of energy, if we are not significant as individuals, why would anybody care whether you or I lived or died. Why would we care about the end of suffering, or if the endless fighting ended? As temporary formations: who cares… As long as we don’t suffer why care about anyone else?

I think the key to the troubles of men is in the question: Why do some people see this, We are all one, as significant and some don’t?

Why don’t we see things in the same way? Why don’t I care about the fact, or possibility, that we are all one?

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