We filter reality

Throughout my life I’ve seen that people, see what they want to see… Want is not the best word to use here… see what their program causes them to see. It happens here in the house: I say this, they hear something else… Sometimes the person says, “Well, I know what you meant…”.

This, not seeing the raw data without filtering, is, what I think, is the big glaring roadblock to people, as a species, ever emerging from it’s state of mental confusion. We’ll likely stay in our, us against them, Filter Camps arguing over the available data until our deaths… everyone believing they died trying to do the right thing.

It just occurred to me that we can only offer to lead others to share our images, the filtered self images and world views our program dictates. As long as we are operating through a self image can we ever see anything clearly? Can we hear “only” what people say? See “only” what is in front of us?

I do know this: we can dissolve any program… once we’re willing to see it

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