Website traffic and search engines

I build websites for people. I do this for small businesses and people who simply want a place to write or share their pictures. I don’t charge a lot of money to do this. I do know what a website needs to get traffic from search engines and I do my part in the set up of the domain and website.

But that, what I do, is just the beginning of the process of getting visitors through search. I tell everybody the same thing: search engines are looking for and indexing (adding to their database) Words. The words are the key to people finding your website… Whenever I set up a website I add as many Key Words as is reasonable in the meta text and on the page, or pages depending on what the website needs. Then I’m done as far as that part goes.

I can set up the back end so the website needs little maintenence and runs trouble free… but I can’t write for people. If you want a website that reaches the people you want to reach, you have to write. Most of the people who ask for a website don’t write, or, don’t write enough. When I say don’t write enough I mean not even an hour a week… and sometimes never.

I have a golf friend, an auto technician (he told me there is no such thing as a mechanic anymore), who I built a site for. We were golfing the other day and he said business has been slow. I thought about saying why not write something… what’s the special this week, is it on the site… But I didn’t. I tried to several times and… nothing. So I stopped saying anything.

So if you are thinking about getting a website you might keep in mind that search engines look for and index words. They find images and audio files but if the file is simply there… something like 1.mp3, or a picture of a cat, that won’t get you any visits. There are places for that in search: image search, audio search. But then those files need words too… telling the search engines what the file is about.

But think about it, you want to write out your thoughts about nature. What are the people you want to talk to looking for? What are they typing into the search engine? What are they googling? There are a lot of websites that have something to do with nature (The Nature Conservatory). There are a lot of pictures of trees on the Internet. There is only one Anita Martin writing down her thoughts and ideas about nature. If you didn’t know Anita Martin, how would you ever find her?

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