Weeding Out The Strong

In order to build an empire you have to weed out the strong. Ever wonder how things stay so fucked up? Trying to get your head around how such an imbecilic¬† catastrophe can just keep growing? It’s like we live in a cancerous body we can’t cure – it just grows.

The reason this sickness flourishes and thrives, feeding on the healthy minds and hearts of the body public, is there is always somebody willing to do be filthy.

You just offer the criminal duties of any position till some lost nothing says, “I’ll do it”. I’ll pass that law, I’ll fake that study, I’ll change the facts, I’ll raise taxes knowing they can’t be paid, I’ll turn schools into behavioural modification centers, I’ll lock up innocents, I’ll destroy anything I’m told to, do anything you ask. There’s always somebody dirty enough for the dirtiest job.

Those people are put in charge of the rest. The filth steady rising to the top. The world on fire.

Just make sure the strong have no power. Better yet, make them criminals. Somebody will be willing to lock them up. Somebody will stand guard. Just weed out the strong.

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