We're all going to die on Thursday

Well… we’re all going to die… It might be Thursday. Death lies ahead, just around the next bend or long into the future… but it’s there. Death looms ahead and lives in back rooms of thought.

Who is comfortable with Death? Why are our thoughts, ideas and beliefs about death significant?

This isn’t another, “What happens when we die”, story… No one knows what happens, or if anything happens… This story… is about what happens when we live. More specifically, “What happens when we live with the fear of dying”.

I was reading something on a facebook group the other day… They were talking about war and Memorial Day and how people could allow themselves to be convinced that, I guess something like: that war is necessary, or good… that killing others in the name of freedom is okay..?

Memorial Day is a big propaganda day for our controllers… setting the stage for the agenda. But propaganda is constant… It isn’t all focused on war. There is the constant call for people to go into debt, to fear for their lives, that corporations are investing in our future… It’s constant and it’s comical and it’s convincing millions of people to do as they’re told. To follow someone else’s rules and laws: To submit to authority…

What I was wondering, and not for the first time, is how is it possible that so many people are willing, if not eager, to live in a way that I have always thought of as “Insane”?

Why do we live the way we do? Why do believe the things we believe? How is it possible to have a million people, who argue amongst themselves constantly, become willing wards of the realm… We all march.

We march off to church, we march off to school, we march off to jobs… We stand in lines, sit in rows, we join, we love to be part of… to belong, to feel okay… We long to do the right thing… We fear being wrong. Why?

How is it possible that the world around us looks as it does when anyone you ask would change it if they could. If they could? I forgot that, and it’s a big one, we live with no power over our own lives and are willing, honored, to die defending that life… Why?

What would people do if Thursday was it? Thursday’s the last day… We’re all going to die this Thursday… What would people do?

I think that what we do, what we see around us, why things are they way they are… is not about Life, but Death… We don’t know what happens when we die. We don’t know… and we don’t like it. Why?

It’s the Stories… If you want to control millions of people, get them to live and die for you, tell them scary stories… Tell them stories about what happens when they die.

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