We're Not Able To Do What We Say We Did

In a recent post I pointed out that life, according to everything we think we know, is not possible. So we really don’t know much about anything. We can only know what we can observe – sort of. Meaning we can observe wrong too.

There are a few things in our history on earth we think of as human accomplishment that really can’t be. Mainly, the whole science surrounding the Zodiac. You recall that big wheel many think of as depicting an earth year and months? As far as I know those aren’t months but ages. It doesn’t represent our Solar orbit but rather a Galactic orbit.

If it represented an Earth year then we could say we made it. How could any Earth people make a galactic representation, with traits for the ages, with no telescopes or other technology – and be right?

Why would people draw pictures on cave walls depicting Star Maps and Flying People? How could we know about those Stars? Why do the same stars show up in different parts of the world from different people and different times? If you look at cave art, or any historic art, you’ll see animals, hunts, births, Kings, burials, wars, slaves, boats and Oh Ho, flying houses!!!?

Star maps, flying houses and a galactic calendar. While we’re at it, lets build a pyramid. Sure, lets build monoliths with material we can’t move. I’ve worked heavy construction so I understand the task. I don’t think we built the pyramids. Today we have crop circles that look as if they were burned in by a quarter acre wide laser printer. Have you noticed that no one has gone out and made a crop circle to show how it’s just a man made phenomena?

Surviving The Chicken & The Egg

Another conveniently overlooked observation is the age old question, which came first, the chicken or the egg. It’s over looked (intentionally ignored) not because the answer is so hard but because the answer is so obvious. The answer to the chicken and egg, which came first question, is – Neither. No chicken = No egg. No egg = No chicken.  We don’t play realistically in science or in making up religions. Realistic follows: If this then. A lot of what we’re doing is: If then this. Conveniently excluding anything we don’t like.

A Map Appeared To Moses

DNA is a blueprint for building things. Where did DNA come from? How was it built? A million chimps playing with typewriters for a million years would eventually…

If you shake a jar of black and white marbles long enough they’ll … What? We should probably stop starting at the end and filling in the gaps to suit our own needs.

A nuclear Sun burning for billions of years? Nuclear isn’t a burning process. Nuclear is a reaction. Gravitational orbits? How about this: All the planets fall into the Nuclear reactor and bang… DNA gets blown to a distant ….

Why not just say some people from somewhere handed a galactic calendar to the earth people they built (from the DNA they had) and said, “Here, your gonna need this…”. And, we’ll build some monolithic structures so you’ll know where you are, won’t forget how you got here and, oh yeah, what to eat and when to plant so you don’t poison yourselves this afternoon or starve next year.

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