What are you searching for?

People search… People ask “Why” do they search… Why the search for more, higher, meaning… People search for the how, the origins, connections, higher mind, third eye opener, DNA Kracker… Where we search: out there… Why?

Do we sense something we can’t remember? Are we looking for some part of us that we feel missing? Have we lost our technology… the natural human technology stirred in at our formation?

Do we build technology from memory, forgotten, misplaced memory? Does the technology we see being built reflect what we are: the Internet, WI-fi, long distance communications, instant connections…

We have no idea, at least no proof of, how we got here… History is written by the winners… What happens to a history, or archeology, that doesn’t support the religions of creationists, governments and science?

Do people search, wind up at church or in the latest new age religion, because they feel something missing? How much of science has turned into a search for origins? Why are people not satisfied with looking at what’s here? It’s a cool planet: Why do we want more?

How much fear and psychological insecurity could come from knowing we’re ill-equipped for the world we sense exists.. ( I’m stretching it a bit here )

If Memory Imprints on DNA… How far back does it go… all the way? Who were our ancestors? Why do all kids want to fly?

This is just me writing down a pop from awakening this morning… If it’s true it may aid in the making sense of the “why we do the things we do” deal… If not, it makes a good story

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