What Can People Do About The Theft Of The United States

Everything a person wants to know, that’s known, can be found on the internet. This is great and I for one love it. I am convinced that “Facts Make Life Easier”.

Facts may be hard to take and wreck your life, if you were following false teachings but, end the end, it’s better to know what the facts are. Believing in things that aren’t real – eventually – turns out less than best.

I really see that the theft of this nation was made possible because people believed things, about governments, about other people, about what we are and where we came from – that were just stories made up by people who never had everyone’s best interests in mind. The stories we swallowed were created out of self interest and the main theme of that self interest was control.

But now a lot of people know a lot about what’s going on in the world and why. We even know how. I mean a lot of people. There was a story on 60 Minutes as to the how and why of the latest finance bubble. So it’s not like lots of people – don’t know.

One theme for this blog has always been, “In search of the hundredth monkey”. I believed that there was a tipping point, that when enough people knew the facts – things would change. I don’t know if I believe that anymore. I don’t necessarily not belief it. I just don’t know.

It seems we should be reaching, or have reached, that critical number. But, I don’t see anything good happening. I see good people, doing good things, but is that enough to pull the plug on the animals?

My question is, “Now that we know, what do we do”?

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