What can we think that works best? What thinking will benefit us most?

As I work I think about things… I also want to say, in case you forget our conversations, I don’t care about being right, I care about what works best…

So on this issue of psychological security and “existential ” searching…. It popped up yesterday that this is the same as our fear of death, as in, can we fear the unknown… We’ve agreed that we can’t

This is how I see the striving for, seeking out, these unknown states… It can’t be what we seek, the same as we can’t fear the unknown

Many, many, years ago I saw that all the, not earthly, things people thought about… Heavens, eternity and so on… could only be thought about from the Earth perspective.

We don’t know any non-physical things… so how do you suppose we could want or fear any non-physical things?

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