What do we mean by a sense of clarity

What do we mean by sense of clarity?

Through a serious analysis we can detect how each one of us has fundamentally a different idea and perception about our own clarity..

There are minds the opinion of which, when it comes to think about clarity, leads to the idea of ambitions and occupations.. whether it be artistically, professionally, travelling and whatever..

and other minds that think about clarity in terms of “having a base” and privacy..

We first of all should understand what we classify as clarity..

Are we really interested in psychological clarity, or are we mostly interested in the intellectual idea we have about it..

The two things are completely different..

Surely the idea of clarity, mental clarity, is not clarity; it’s merely a psychological vision.. and vision is not reality..

The activity of using another person as a means to measure our psychological clarity, obviously leads to self distractedness, which often becomes self deception.. to then give birth to so many prejudices, bias and invisible blocks..

Mirroring is the opposite of inward clarity.. When there is a relationship, the act of mirroring is the grave of relationship ’cause an non-conflictual relationship, both inwardly and communicatively outwardly can only come into being when each single mind involved in such relationship knows accurately what psychological clarity actually is.. and not the mere idea of it..

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