What everybody wants

Everybody has a goal… a wish, a hope, an aim… Everybody would like to see something happen in the world. Everybody wants a change

Everybody wants some things to change… even if you disagree and would rather me not say this… that’s wanted me to change. To change my thinking, my behavior… Maybe be more like you

People have tried, are trying and will be trying, everything they can think of to bring about the changes they desire. They’ll even go back and try the same things again… each generation goes back and retries the tried of some past.

There’s no question that things are changing, but can anyone say that the change is for the better? Forget about the anticipation of the changes we imagine are coming… instead, if we look at what is, what do we see? Better?

What is the source, the causative factor, in all we want to change? Where did the situations, the physical and idealogical conditions, the things and creations of Men come from? Wouldn’t it have to be Men: Mankind; the human being? … and what is man doing that has so thoroughly fucked up the world?

When we find this out for ourselves we’ll also see what needs doing

I would bet that once we find out for ourselves what we’ve been doing we’ll conclude that nothing more needs to be done… that we can do nothing to make things better… and out of this nothing will emerge the change we’re all looking for…

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