What Good Does The News Do

“I posted this as a comment at After Downing Street’s website. I have my doubts it will appear and thought I’d post it here.”

What good has it done to report exactly what’s going on in the world? Someone has always told the story – eventually.

Maybe I should say, what good is news at it’s current dissemination rate. Either way I still have to ask the question. Let’s just say that we are a group of people who would like to see the governments of the world stop killing people. That, and we’d like to see a system established to end the “Buying of Government”.

We’ll just leave it at that for now. We, as a group, want those things. So – what good is news? You might say, well, people need to know the truth, the facts. I agree, but what good does it do? What if everyone in the U.S. was enlightened and informed and in agreement on everything – what would happen?

I’d wager that 70% of the U.S. citizenry would like the armies to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan. What good does it do? 95% of the populace could agree on ten changes that would be better for the people in the U.S. – So what? What good does it do?

My point is that After Downing Street, and all the groups like it – no matter how well intentioned – achieve nothing. While people can earn a living writing and meeting and being in the business of “Change” it doesn’t change anything.

The only way to change things is to take away the means used by the few to carry on. We are funding our own demise. I see the poster on a page to “Defund War”. Congress will not defund war – period. The only people who can deny war funding is the taxpayer.

It doesn’t matter what anyones ideal for a monetary system is – the current system, is at this time, funding war. If all the groups in the world came together to stop giving money to the IRS/Federal Reserve the war would stop. What people, groups, decide to do after that is, of course, up to them. Every individual has their own ideas and agendas.

None of those ideas and agendas stand a chance until the “Few” lose their funding. There are a couple of groups who are working on this. See: notices…

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