What Is Brasscheck

I’ve been acquainted with Brasscheck for several years. We have the same goals as far as exposing and ending government corruption, stupidity and graft.

We share a belief that when a critical mass of “People Knowing The  Facts” is reached, things will begin to get better. Hence: The Search For The Hundredth Monkey.

Here is a Who We Are from Brasscheck:

We’ve been warning about the rampant criminality of Wall Street and the likely outcome of a lawless financial system since 2005 and before that on Brasscheck since 1997.

We’ve also called bogus and false flag “terror” events by their true name since 1997 when we did in depth studies of Waco and Oklahoma City.

Now with the recent “used car dealer hires Mexican drug cartel to kill Saudi Arabian for Iranian intelligence” fable, the utter preposterousness of most of these stories is finally becoming apparent to all.

We’ve also issued warnings about dangerous drugs, adulterated foods, and numerous other topics that have been all but banned as the result of the takeover of the news media.

The web started in earnest in 1994 and we’ve been actively on the case since 1997.

We publish because we are optimistic:

Optimistic that people can and do understand supposedly complex issues…

Optimistic that a critical mass of people can and do care about the direction our world has taken and are willing to get involved to remedy things…

Optimistic that the vast machinery of professional liars who support criminal conduct in government and among big corporations is ultimately doomed to fail in the face of truth, not only on a case-by-case basis, but ultimately as well.

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