What is freedom?

Freedom is ..
what is freedom?
Freedom is..
Freedom is “from something” ..
is freedom “freedom from something”?
From confusion?
From fear?
From tyranny?
From beliefs?
From the creeping brutality of depression?

What is freedom?

The opposite of confusion is not freedom from confusion: just like a spiritual path or a bombastic career; this remains confusion..
The opposite of fear is not really the end of fear…
These are slogans the speaker used so many times .. just as triggers to think, not as tips, or revelations, or missions whatsoever ..

Freedom “from something” is a reaction..
and a reaction is merely an action,
and the action is a consequence of thought..

Therefore: is there an understanding of thought?
Or there is just action?

Is there an understanding of what this sensation, this ambition, this icon we call “love” is all about?
Or there are just actions that spring out from such psychological icon? Hm?

Psychological confusion is a strange thing, it is in all of our our possessions, hopes, acknowledge..

The mind is not love,
the mind is the mind,
the sensation of we call love is just a sensation, part of the mind..

Indeed as long as love remains more relevant than the wholeness of the mind.. then there is love perhaps.. according with its cultural perception of course… but no mind !

Can mind be completely free of the icon of love, so to cut off the ropes that tie and tied up the mind for millenia to everlasting limbos of limited thinking?

Because such eventuality is, (yes), psychological freedom..

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