What Is Human Evolution

A Caveman With A Laptop

I made a comment the other day in which I said the time for monetary systems is gone. One response to my statement was, “Man’s been using some form of money since he stepped out of the cave”. The comment was meant to be derogatory, but, that was my point. That man, stepping out of the cave, should be left behind – As part of the past.

It does paint a fairly accurate picture of what some call human evolution. There really hasn’t been any change in the human psyche that I can point to as a kind of evolution. What I see when I look at our race is “A caveman with a laptop”. Technology is evolving. Where have we?

First of all, I can’t see the ‘caveman’ to ‘modern man’ evolutionary theory as a viable explanation for how we got here –  anymore than I believe in a big daddy god. That said, as far back as we can read about people and their behavior it’s been one solid unchanging story. Any ancient tribe would have some who would seek to find ways for everyone to live in peace and there would also be those trying to tear your tent down.

The peace thinkers would far outnumber the tent wreckers but the destruction would always be right there – waiting to happen. Anything changed? The sizes and dynamics and technology has grown exponentially but the human psyche appears to be stuck.

If that ancient human psyche is the modern psyche, and history says that’s the case, then is there a solution? Or do we go on and on repeating the same scenes and become cavemen with transporters?


Somethings Gotta Go

If I could make one suggestion it would be this. Those people in that tribe never solved the riddle of the destructive psyche by implementing plans either persuasive or coercive. Neither has any society since. There may be some societies (native peoples) who have little or no tent busters. Or maybe the tent busters are few and far between. Smaller communities are always better equipped to deal with social issues than large ones and with our modern day enormous national societies we’re not even coming close.

The pattern with big societies is that they tear themselves apart from the inside out and in the end either change or disappear.

We’re not ever going to dictate behavior after the fact. The fact is that governmental systems and monetary systems are only control systems – nothing more. What always happens in these systems is people keep adding to them. Some with altruistic visions, some not so much.

It’s time I think to stop setting up barriers at the cliffs edge and producing a more capable crop of people. All those – governing, judicatory, dictate – type systems have got to go before we can start “producing” real change. For one thing, probably above any other considerations, the systems are magnets for the tent wreckers and we’ll always end up with  a fox guarding the hen house as long as we keep trying to make these broken systems better.

I say lets let everything go and start over. One thing that has also held true throughout our history is almost everybody agrees on how they’d like things to be. I’ll bet if people were left alone, not influenced by any systems, that 90% of us would like to live in peace. So that doesn’t need to be governed. 90% of us would think nobody should starve or freeze to death. How we’d like things to be isn’t the problem and there is little variation when we deal with the true essentials.

There is a lot of variation in how to make this come about – but it’s not really necessary to make something happen that everyone wants – is it? Do you see what I’m getting at here?




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