What is logic

It must be said that the concept inherent in the so called logic is often so confused and greatly misunderstood .. We have a strange conceptualization of logic, conceptualization that tells us that logic should be a kind of activity featured by a cold mind, a psyche that cages its own emotions, a psychological captivity or something along those lines..

If one ponders carefully about what logic is all about, then one finds out that logic is instead something completely different than what its usual biased conceptualization appears to be and according to the common opinion:
logic is not a process of intellectualization of everything, including emotions, not at all: that would be something deeply deleterious, something worthy of a sterile mind..

We rather should look at logic as a factor that brings into being a sober psychological attentiveness: a sober state of mind capable to intelligently understand, (without any conditioning), the frictions that exist between the different parts of the psyche, (emotions, intellect, instinct, imagination, sensitivity, perception, memories and so on), clutches and frictions which actually are the very sources and factories of the majority of our psycho-behavioural problems, of our irrational fears, of our gullibility, cognitive defections and mental conflicts (thus the social ones) of all sorts ..

If this logic comes into being, or at least one is interested in its serious cultivation, then the mind develops the attitude to work as a clear intelligent team, without petty games, without strange tricks and psychological contradictions within it .. (contradictions which are always aimed to protect the belief systems such mind holds and all the various influences and indoctrinations that a person has received, adopted, never questioned and therefore blindly accepted) ..

If there is such a logic, the mind/team, then the mental conflict can be more and more understood.. and therefore tangibly: not philosophically or theoretically, but rather factually; it can be progressively dismantled..

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