What Is Success?

What Does Success Have To Do With Health?

A few years ago when I started an addiction help website, I was very much interested in the mental programs that run our lives. After learning something about the relationship between trauma and addiction, I saw these programs were just stories.

As a rule we as adults live out the stories told to us as we were growing up and this, listening to and accepting stories, goes on still to this day. Some of us have discarded a lot of these stories and gone on to find out what’s real and what’s not.

Some people never think about it.

I was watching a documentary the other day and I watched someone telling the audience about the stories and how we are the product of these stories but they have a new name for our mental programs now – they called them “Memes”.

None of this is new. I was listening to J. Krishnamurti talk about it years ago and have been working towards eliminating all unwanted programs (Memes) from my mental “Self Image” ever since. This process of cleaning up my mental act is another one of those “Simple, but not easy” things.

The process of changing a self image, like never amounting to much, into a program for success is not easy. It’s hard to do because what it boils down to is breaking a habit. Many people put off breaking habits until the habit is breaking them. I was one of those people.

In the world of Memes some roadblocks to success might be “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not as smart as them” and so on. A good reason to want to be a success is that with success comes good feelings. When we finish a puzzle it feels good. When we meet someone we like and have a nice conversation it feels good.

Failing at something is no big deal unless we have a Meme that says. “If I fail I’m a failure”.

Without failing to make something happen no one would get very much done. It’s the failing that makes learning and succeeding possible. Think about science and experimentation. It would be nice to have things work out the first time but it’s not very likely. Same with personal success.

Thinking, thoughts, are the tangible part of the programs we’re running. Anyone who works with a computer can understand this. You are most likely on a computer and your operating system is either Windows or Linux.

Which ever one you have you will do nothing beyond what that operating system’s programs allow. Same with we people. Our brains are just biological computers. They are programmed. If your program doesn’t have an application for “Success In Life On Earth” there is nothing you can do about it but – re-program.

Here are a couple of programs we can readily recognize: (1) Life is a drag (2) Life is a blast.

Which one would lend itself to better health?

These are the end result, the thoughts associated with the program. The good thing about this whole deal is we don’t need to see a therapist or join a group. We can if we want, but we don’t need to. If we do join a group or get analyzed we’ll still be where who are.

The good thing is we only need to change the habitual thinking. This “Habit” is all there is. I didn’t need to know anything about “Why” I was biting my finger nails to stop biting my finger nails. It was a habit.

I knew I was acting habitually (although I didn’t know what that meant) when I’d notice my finger in my mouth. The first thing we’ll need to do with these mental habits is notice them.

If we’re thinking about success we might want to define success for ourselves. If we’re judging ourselves successful or not successful according to what we see on TV or what we heard when we were growing up are we on the right track? Or are we stuck in somebody else’s story?

One tool we can make use of if we want to get started is the imagination. Imagination and emotion are powerful creative forces. I listened to a lot of brain wave audio and guided meditations CD’s (audio) when I first got interested in this reprogramming idea. It helped me do something different with my brain. It’s also relaxing and enjoyable.

Here’s another “Meme Idea” – This all sounds good, but it would take a long time. Where did that thought come from?

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