What Is The Worst Food People Can Eat

Health food would be food that promotes good health. In the effort to select the best foods I think the first step is eliminating to the best of our ability the worst foods. Ideally we’d do well to have complete control over our lives and food is a big part of that.

There are two major points I think are most important here:

  1. All Food Is Good
  2. Food Products are not Foods

So milk that has something in it besides milk is not milk. Likewise milk that has the natural (to milk) bacteria removed through pasterization is not milk. Both should be considered Milk Products and avoided.

Most important of all – when we think about taking control of what food we buy and eat – we must see foods connection to pesticides and poisons distributed via the EPA. This approved poison sends millions of “Sick” people into the arms of the state owned and operated Health Care Industry whose practitioners are produced via the elitist engineered schools.

The worst food on the market is the food product created by adding pesticide and herbicide.

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