What is thought, thinking and conditioning

Neurologically, thoughts are the result of the combination of the parts of the brain and mind known as mnemonic field (memory) and knowledge+self/knowledge, result that then gets translated by the intellect (intellectualization + verbalization).

Memory, imitation, knowledge, intellectualization, verbalization and the activity of producing or adopting or fomenting or promoting psychological pictures of ourselves, of the others and of the whole reality.. are the parts of the matter thoughts are made of..

Sensation, as it arises, is not thought, (not yet), so it’s perception: memory, knowledge, intellect translate sensation & perception into thought… and this process, most of the time, if not always, takes place without any sort of self-observation whatsoever (self observation means: thinking about our thoughts without the thoughts that created those thoughts)..

Thoughts are what brings into being what we call “consciousness”, which has nothing to do with some “divine” attributions whatsoever or with the whole mumbo jumbo-use of this word perpetrated by the so called “new age” and all parallel syncopated sophistries, illusions and delusions of nowadays.. not to mention religions..

and rather it has a lot to do with mere psychological and psycho-sociological processes of imitation, of reproduction, of adoption and adhesion to schemes, labels and patterns, to mechanical thinking, to pre-packaged associations (whether psychologially or behaviourally), to conditioning’s of all kind, and to the constant act of mistaking “normality” with reality.. and mistaking the act of believing, (believing is not reality), with the radical, intelligent and rational observation of the “what it is” and so on..

“Consciousness”, which is conglomeration of thoughts, is massively conditioned by a countless numbers of factors such as what we have been told, the background, the society, the culture, the morality, the common sense, the education we have received, the family, the tradition, the tribalism in which we grew up, the values, the beliefs we have adopted, searched, invented, followed, worshiped and so on (the list is immensely vast)..

This leads to the obvious consideration that the large majority of the matter our thoughts are made of, (and through which we proceed everyday), is actually deeply conditioned and influenced..

..consideration which also implies the shocking reality in which the many do not want to explore such reality, which is reality and not an opinion of some kind, or they are not even able to understand what all of these contents are actually talking about…

The many prefer to cling to they status-quos, beliefs, “spiritual mythologies”, striving for “peace”, “love”, “god”, “rise of consciousness” whatsoever, “enlightenment” and all the rest of it.. without even knowing nor inquiring in the immense amount of conditioning’s in which their thoughts sink everyday..

The many seem to be not interested about the comprehension through which one may realizes that thinking is something, thought is something else: thinking produces thoughts.. (hopefully, an healthy act of thinking)..

but when thoughts become more relevant that the act of thinking itself (which is the very act of living itself).. (thoughts like: god, spirituality, enlightenment, power, the “power of now”, career, visibility, image, lifestyle and all the rest of it)..

then there is no longer thinking..

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