What is worry?

There is something in the underlying process, in the mechanics of thinking, that causes us to get stuck thinking thoughts we don’t want to think? We could call it worrying… or, thinking the worst

I’ve been looking for this, cog in the wheel, for a long time and I can’t locate it. People have many ideas about how and why this happens. But ideas about things don’t resolve things

I remember as a child worrying about monsters in the closet. The idea of monsters was given to me by my environment… the propensity for fear seems genetic. There is the imagination, another genetic trait, that combined with some data, true or false, and the instinctual tendency to fear brings about the thinking: There might be monsters in the closet. We could call the process A

I can remember it was impossible not to think about the monsters. I remember making up counter stories to soothe myself: imagining to combat imagining. The point being I never could stop thinking about the monsters. Even the light of day and the empty closet kept them from sneaking back after dark. Somehow, at some point, the idea of monsters and the thoughts about them stopped. I remember it stopping so I can’t say how it happened… but the thinking, the worrying, did stop

So, we have some ideas about process A but what we don’t have are any good working solutions. How many times have we heard someone say, “Well, it does no good worrying about it…”? No,it doesn’t, but so what? Knowing worry is pointless and makes us miserable doesn’t help us stop worrying… At the same time we know that, for most of us, worrying over a thing at some point goes away: how did that happen?

Where in the process of thinking is the worry off switch? It is rather like a switch… one minute we’re worrying about some thing and the next time we think about the thing we might recall we were worrying… Somehow worry vanished. How?

We might also ask why? Why does the complex we call mind, or simply us, think anything that makes us miserable. Why would anyone in their right mind think about anything they did not want to think about?

Who’s running this show?

Are we just along for the ride? Does the Being Aware have any control over the physical thinking process? Or are we just observing the process, becoming involved or keeping our distance? If we’re just watching, where are we watching from? Wait… I didn’t want to start thinking about that

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