What Makes America Great

What Is The American Dream

At some point in our nations history the American dream would be to get free of tyranny. Lots of people came to North America to get out from under “People” who told them what they could and couldn’t do. People like Kings, governments and Churches.

Some folks sat down and wrote a pretty good constitution and formed a Republic and got down to being free. From the very beginning there were outside influences trying to destroy what had been made. Outside meaning any who opposed individual rights and freedom. Some of these influences were overseas and some lived next door.

At this time in our nations history we’re pretty much back where we started. We live under tyranny and have very little personal freedoms left. At every turn we’re being told what we can and can’t do.


What We Gave Up, When We Gave Up

What we gave up was “Our rights to Privacy and Personal Property”. We did this by signing our names to contracts that took away our rights. The most brutal example was the end of our right to own land. Almost no person in the United States today owns land or the buildings on that land. This is not freedom by any stretch of the imagination. This is, so far, a sneaky form of tyranny by democracy.

If the people who are allowed to dwell on the Kings land don’t pay the Kings taxes the people will be thrown off the land. Is that what people came to this continent to create? The answer is – Yes and No. Some came to escape tyranny. Some came to administer it.

Every tyrant know what is of utmost value. It is and always has been land and ownership of land. When the well finally runs bone dry here in the United States and the pretending is over that’s what we will miss the most. Because that’s what’s really and truly important and should be valued above all else.

This sneaky propaganda message we here everyday about the importance of “Protecting And Defending Our Way Of life” is meaningless. We have no “Way of life”. There is no such thing. If you believe there is, define it.

Land: When we finally give away all our rights and completely lose access to the land, even as tenants, we’ll have nothing. No where to sleep, no place to grow food, no place to raise families. No land – No Life – Dream Over.


What Makes America Great? The Land That Houses It.



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