What School Should Be

If I was to design a good school system it would look something like this.

Teachers would be volunteers from the community (There are no big cities in my design). Teachers would be those people who were good at Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, who enjoyed children and liked to teach. Children would gather in numbers convenient for there parents and the community. Teachers would number as was necessary to be effective.

Classes would be held wherever people saw fit – with no fast rules on curriculum or attendance. We would also teach from the life on earth handbook – which is mysteriously missing from any government run social curriculum today.

The life as dictated curriculum we teach today is killing the Mind, Body and Spirit of our children.

Once children were around 10 years old they could decide what trades they were interested in and move into the schools of practical knowledge.

Practical knowledge is knowing how to make things and do things. Learning how to do things like fishing or farming or meditation enables children to take care of themselves and others.

By the time kids became adults they could begin there lives as adults. Contrary to our societies need to keep adults in the permanent role of children to maximize profits the definition of adult with my design would be the natural definition used for every other creature on earth. When people are able to have babies, they’re adults.

What we’d end up with, just from this design for school, is a population of mature knowledgeable people. What we have now is a lot of full grown children struggling to keep their lives, their minds and their families together.


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