What suffering teaches us

Most of people are afraid to hurt someone else..
not necessarily though a physical way.. but rather psychologically, sentimentally, behaviourally..
but we are all hurt in a way or another, because of this or because of that..

Injured by the past, hurt by the projection of the future, by the social environment, by the pettiness and the falsity all over the place, by what’s happening in the world, by miserable details or by immense stress and pressure.. it doesn’t really matter what causes us pain: what matters is that there is suffering, and confusion..

Someone says, foolishly, “suffering leads to wisdom” .. so it has been said for thousands of years by various gurus, masters, teachers and so on… but this statement is completely absurd.. as well it sounds as easy justification aimed to explain the almost inexplicable human attitude to be apparently inexorably married with sorrow..

Surely what suffering teaches us is that lesson pivoted in being not attached to other people or things..
Attachment indeed leads to suffering..
suffering leads to protectiveness..
protectiveness leads to the establishment of a cunning but fearful, insensitive psyche..
and here comes the trick in which the urge of detachment leads to a belief, a practice, a discipline, a way of living, a sophistry of some kind, a god, faith, cult, sect, truth, divine, whatever .. and so on.. which is all nothing but another psychological and perhaps collective attachment ..

Does suffering teaches us something besides of the natural instinctual self-protective reactions?

There is the personal suffering and the whole suffering of the human world.. not to mention history

And there is the suffering as well in all the thousands of tremendous efforts aimed to heal, to rehabilitate men from suffering that have been attempted for such a long time ’till nowadays… but it seems that all attempts to heal sorrow end up, in a way or another, in a new form of sorrow.. most likely because there is the attempt, fully contaminated by the chimera of solutions, and no understanding..

Self-commiseration, which is so common, is clearly another element of suffering

Clinging to the attachment toward another person, whether illusory “soul-mate” or whatever we like to believe.. or toward a belief, toward a dogmatic way of living, a so called “spiritual hope” or a patriotism whatsoever ..
clinging to these things whatever they are and encouraging other people to do the same so to build up a semblance of collective belief .. while nourishing our own consensus.. is merely another factory of suffering..

We have the idea that suffering comes only when there is a loss of something, but we tend to ignore that the very act of clinging to that something, whether faith, belief, hope or identity, contains already at its very birth and beginning the poisonous seed of suffering, manifested in the latent fear to lose that something.

The real loss is, in any case, the absolute lack of self-orientation… and the very reason why self observation scares us the most is to be found in the circumstance in which we are inwardly & psychologically divided by the tension between the “good” and the “wrong”..

The “good” part of us (or at least what we believe our good part of us is (obviously according with our culture and the current conceptualization of “normality”) always judges the “bad” one.. and this fragmentation, which generates everlasting conflictual thoughts such as guilt, shame, regret, dissatisfaction and even despair.. keeps us always in a mental vicious circle that can only result in suffering.. as well that’s the very reason why there is no psychological progress among men, nor intelligent evolution…

This conflict, which is originally completely psychological, is indeed the very root of psychological suffering.. with all ramification it creates .. ramifications which can manifest themselves in so many different shapes.. from violence to self-sabotage.. from acts of hiding to commiseration, from the search and quest of consolation, which is opium to the psyche, up to the urge of cover everything up .. perhaps by becoming a so called spiritual preacher .. so to camouflage the mess of our psychological garbage .. playing the “picture of what we are not”..

To walk across the corridor of the opposites is to falsely acquire a phoney sense of security.. but in truth it always lead to suffering.. inwardly and outwardly .. there cannot be progress at all..

This division of life into high and lowly, in the noble and ignoble, in g(o)od and (d)evil, mutates the whole psychology in conflict .. inexorably…
and wherever, whenever there is conflict.. intelligence cannot flourish..

Conflict and intelligence cannot co-exist..

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